EEG Data Aquisition


Unlocking the Powerof EEG: Reliable Data Capture for Immersive Experiences

Novamynd EEG provides a reliable way to capture real-time brain activity data at scale, enabling you to understand how users respond to audio-visual content and design personalized experiences that engage them on a deeper level.

by Peter Griffiths

Reliable EEG Capture at Scale

Large Scale Collection

Novamynd’s advanced App and sensor technology ensures accurate, high-quality EEG data capture, even with large user groups.

Seamless Integration

The system seamlessly integrates with a cloud management platform, making it easy to deploy and manage at scale.

Rigorous Protocols

Robust SMARTPATH protocols guarantee consistent, reliable data collection and the possibility for conditional content across diverse user demographics.

Capturing Responses to Audio-Visual Content

Stimulus Presentation

Present audio-visual content and stimuli to users while continuously recording their EEG data.

Actionable Insights

Uncover how users’ brains respond to different content elements, informing future creative and design decisions.

Real-Time Analysis

Leverage advanced signal processing to extract meaningful insights from the captured EEG data.

Reaching Users Worldwide

Global Reach

Collect EEG data from users across time zones and demographics, enabling truly scalable insights.

Flexible Deployment

Easily deploy the system on any internet connected android device, ensuring seamless user experiences and affordable rollout.

Secure Cloud Infrastructure

Novamynd’s cloud-based platform safeguards user data and provides easy access to insights.

Personalized Content Pathways

EEG Profiling

Analyze individual users’ unique EEG patterns to understand their preferences and behaviors.

Adaptive Content

Dynamically adjust content and experiences based on real-time EEG feedback for maximum engagement.

Personalized Journeys

Create tailored content pathways that resonate with each user, unlocking new levels of immersion.

Biofeedback and Neurofeedback


Leverage advanced biofeedback and neurofeedback protocols to optimize user experiences.

Real-Time Guidance

Provide users with realtime feedback on their brain activity to enhance engagement and focus.

Measurable Improvement

Track and analyze user progress over time, enabling continuous refinement and optimization.

Content Trigger and Response examples

EEG Metric

Trigger Action

Content Response



Reward with audio stimulation



Adjust pacing or replace format



Provide calming visuals/audio

Analyze and Optimize

Detailed Reporting

Comprehensive reports on individual and aggregated EEG data to inform content strategy.

Continuous Refinement

Iteratively improve content and experiences based on user feedback and EEG insights.

Predictive Modeling

Download data for machine learning to predict user responses and preferences for even more personalized content.

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