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Neurofeedback Therapy

NovaMynd is an advanced platform that combines brain training innovation, wellness research, and EEG data collection in an on-line solution designed for professionals, creators and researchers.

NovaMynd Creator

With Novamynd CREATOR you have powerful tools for:

  • Packaging audio and video content
  • Insights from EEG data for goal setting.
  • Tailoring feedback actions to individual EEG activity

NovaMynd Studio

With Novamynd STUDIO you have easy access to:

  • Onboard new clients and stay connected
  • Assign and monitor brain-training protocols
  • Manage local and remote groups of users

NovaMynd Personal

With Novamynd PERSONAL you can extend your practice to:

  • Reach clients at home or work.
  • Track progress and share EEG insights.
  • Collect data for comprehensive understanding.

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Use Cases

Ben extends CBT practice to include Neurofeedback training

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Eva helps clients improve their meditation skills

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Novamynd used for global media research

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Plans designed for growing practices

Our goal is to enable you to grow your practice or deliver on your program in the most cost effective way with the best support we can provide.

Affordable, Flexible Pricing

With a NovaMynd CREATOR starter package at $399, including an EEG headband, app access, and a STUDIO license, scaling your practice is easier than ever. Add STUDIO licenses as your client base grows. Use NovaMynd PERSONAL for home or office services, with referral credits for your practice.

Your Practice, Your Terms

Charge for your services as you see fit. We provide the technology and support; you provide the expertise and manage your clients.